Working Inside the Box

Working Inside the Box

  • Anna Weisend
  • 15 Apr 2020

A lot has changed in the last month. “Normal” is on pause.  

If sugar is your full-time job you may not be working right now.  If you are, you are probably reinventing your business.  If sugar is part-time or a hobby, it most likely on hold for you at the moment.

Maybe you are dealing with anger, anxiety, grief, and a whole mixed bag of emotions. 

If you are looking for something different to focus on start thinking inside the box!  Yes, that is counter-intuitive to the culturally accepted counterpart.  However, there is gold in that box!  Stay with me here….

Sometimes our limitations require us to be more creative, more resourceful, and to stretch ourselves more than when the sky is the limit.  A famous example is Appolo 13.  The USA had astronauts stuck in space and they managed to get them back by rigging a solution that basically used the contents of what would be the equivalent of a spacecraft junk drawer. 

No, most sugar artists are not literal rocket scientists.  However, we are a clever bunch.  We can sit in our box (our apartment or home) and see what we can cook up with its contents.  We can stretch our artistic capabilities, we can broaden our business horizons, tweak what we already have, or have our next “AHA!” moment. 

From an art standpoint, one of the best testimonials is a TED talk by Phil Hansen.   He illustrates it beautifully.  Please take a few minutes to watch it here: TED.

This doesn’t have to apply only to a pandemic either.  Maybe something else in life is putting a kink in how your sugar adventures were going.  There have been sugar artists who have had carpal tunnel surgery and can no longer pipe with exacting precision anymore but excelled in gumpaste or wafer paper.  There are cake decorators who simply aren’t good at certain trends so they concentrate on becoming an expert in classic techniques.  Working within your abilities can produce amazing results. 

If nothing else, tinker to get your mind off whatever part of this situation is burdensome for you. 

Then share what type of brilliance you have come up with! 

All that being said,  Peggy Tucker and the team at CakePlay, Inc., are wishing you health and abundance.  Please take care of yourselves!


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