Take a Risk at Being Bad at Something New
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  • Take a Risk at Being Bad at Something New

    • Anna Weisend
    • 12 Aug 2020

    When was the last time that you risked being bad at something new?  Really got out of your comfort zone and were willing to make a fool out of yourself if it turned out really bad?  Why would you even do that? Oh, so many reasons… To check something off your to-do list or your bucket list or your f*** it list To see if you liked it (Green Eggs and Ham anyone?) To see if you could do it To learn something new To expand To have FUN Ahhh, to have fun.  That is a big one.  All work...

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    Pat Yourself on the Back!
  • pride
  • Pat Yourself on the Back!

    • Anna Weisend
    • 11 Mar 2020
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    Managing Sweet Stress
  • self-care
  • Managing Sweet Stress

    • Anna Weisend
    • 11 Sep 2019
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    Inspiration vs. Comparison
  • ideas
  • Inspiration vs. Comparison

    • Anna Weisend
    • 12 Jun 2019

      There is an amazing plethora of beautiful sugar art out there.  There are so many talented artists, just look at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  It can be such a feast for the eyes. Or if you aren’t careful, it can start making you feel inadequate. Have you ever felt that way? Recently, science has shown that social media can have a negative effect on your mental health.  You can see all the fabulous things people are doing, and wrongfully assume that they’ve got it all together and you don’t.  You see them at their best but not at their...

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