Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Anna Weisend
  • 09 Oct 2019

So you want to start playing with isomalt but you aren’t sure what kind of equipment you need?  Let’s fix that right now so you can start having fun!

Bare Bones 

The following list is the very basics of what you need to get started and chances are you may already have it in your own kitchen or work space.

The list above is all you need for basic pours (in the molds you already own) and simple pulls.

Upping Your Game

Next, you will want to invest in some additional equipment to develop your skills and provide the highest quality results and convenience to yourself.

  • Alcohol lamp to aid in heating isomalt when needing to adhere pieces together
  • Kitchen torch, to reduce surface bubbles in pours
  • Heat Lamp, to keep you melted isomalt warm while using it
  • Sugar pump, for blown and sculpted sugar
  • Tweezers, for help with applying small pieces and sculpting
  • Stencil mats, for creating what you cannot find.

Going Pro

When you are shooting for the top

  • A hot box- While a heat lamp will work to keep your sugar warm in small amounts for a short period of time, a sugar box (or hot box) is good for extended working times for a controlled environment. Peggy Tucker and CakePlay recommend Cake Safe’s Sugar Shacks.

Misc Toys

As you start to play with isomalt you will start to acquire many more toys, just like in any hobby or creative business.  This next list will give you some fun things to put on your wish list.


Wherever you start and no matter how far you take it….have fun!

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