CakePlay is Kosher Certified!  Why This is Good News for You!
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  • CakePlay is Kosher Certified! Why This is Good News for You!

    • Anna Weisend
    • 10 Oct 2018

      What is Kosher? The technical interpretation is “fit and proper”.  Many people know that Kosher or “keeping Kosher” are dietary restrictions for those of Jewish faith. Some may understand that to mean abstaining from pork or not mixing meat and milk products together (ex: cheese burger).  What many people may not realize is that kosher is a set of dietary laws that were set forth in the old testament, not only about what they should or should not eat but how food should be prepared. Isomalt is a derivative of sugar so you’re probably wondering why anyone cares if...

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    Artist Spotlight: Gregoire Goel
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  • Artist Spotlight: Gregoire Goel

    • Anna Weisend
    • 26 Sep 2018

    Here at CakePlay, the most rewarding thing is to see all the beautiful creations made by the hardworking sugar artists that cross our path.  We think we should share all of that with you! Once a month we will be sharing a sugar artist that amazes and delights us.  We hope that spotlighting this talent will delight and inspire you as well. Gregoire Goel The very first sugar artist we are spotlighting is Gregoire Goel, who hails from France. In his studio, Grégoire Goel gives life to dazzling creatures that are unique and maybe a little magical. From sugar, an...

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    How to Practice Safe Sugar
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  • How to Practice Safe Sugar

    • Anna Weisend
    • 12 Sep 2018
    "No sugar glove, no sugar love!" -Peggy Tucker Continue Reading