Sugar Artist Spotlight: Colette Peters

Sugar Artist Spotlight: Colette Peters

  • Anna Weisend
  • 26 Jun 2019

Colette Peters is an icon in the Cake Universe, always offering a playful and unique point of view in sugar art.

Colette started out as an artist with a Master’s degree in painting and was hired as a designer at Tiffany and Company.  While she was there, she regularly made cakes for her coworkers which led to a request for her to do cakes that would be featured in Tiffany Taste and Tiffany Weddings.  This, in turn, led to a book deal and her own business.

Since opening her business in 1989, she has published six books,  has created work for the White House under both the Clinton and Bush administrations, and has amassed an impressive celebrity client list that includes American and British celebrities as well as Prince Pavlos of Greece.

She has a full resume of awards and her work has been highlighted in both print and televised media.  Not only has she been in the popular media such as the Oprah Winfrey show and national news magazine shows but in industry leading publications like Pastry Art and Design.

This respect on both ends of sugar art and pastry has given her opportunities like putting the rules and structure together for the first cake decorating competition at the World Pastry Forum.  It also is evident in her continued teaching engagements at prestigious schools such as Johnson and Wales, The French Pastry School, and many locations across the world.

She continues to teach around the world.  You can visit her at her website for her current schedule and more information about Colette and her other achievements.  Or follow her on Facebook.

Her most recent book, Twisted Treats, was celebrated by fellow cake designers in a Twisted Treats Collaboration and can be viewed on YouTube.

Her books can be purchased on Amazon or you can go to her website or her Etsy store .

Please enjoy the sampler of her work below!

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