Candy Cane Tutorial

Candy Cane Tutorial

  • Anna Weisend
  • 11 Dec 2019


***Glove up! “No sugar gloves, no sugar love”- Peggy Tucker***

  1. Melt desired amount of red CakePlay isomalt nibs in a microwave safe container until completely melted. Let bubbles subside and pour on to a silicone mat under a heat lamp or in a sugar box.
  2. Use silicone mat to help you knead isomalt until it is cool enough to knead and pull with your gloved hand. Knead until it is opaque.
  3. Repeat with white isomalt nibs.
  4. Take an equal portion of each color of isomalt and roll on mat, into a long ‘snake’.
  5. Place both ‘snakes’ next to each other and twist together.
  6. Roll this twist into a smooth striped ‘snake’ in your desired thickness. It should look like one long striped piece of stick candy when you are done.
  7. Use a pair of scissors to cut desired length for your candy canes, remembering to leave enough for the hooked end.  While candy canes can be any size you want (after all, you are making them custom), a standard size candy cane starts off at 7-7 ½”  and then bent to be approximately 5 ¾” tall).
  8. Bend the top into a ‘hook’ to create the candy cane shape.
  9. Cool them.
  10. Share them!


CakePlay Candy Cane Centerpiece

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