CakePlay is Kosher Certified!  Why This is Good News for You!

CakePlay is Kosher Certified! Why This is Good News for You!

  • Anna Weisend
  • 10 Oct 2018


What is Kosher?

The technical interpretation is “fit and proper”.  Many people know that Kosher or “keeping Kosher” are dietary restrictions for those of Jewish faith. Some may understand that to mean abstaining from pork or not mixing meat and milk products together (ex: cheese burger).  What many people may not realize is that kosher is a set of dietary laws that were set forth in the old testament, not only about what they should or should not eat but how food should be prepared.

Isomalt is a derivative of sugar so you’re probably wondering why anyone cares if it can go with milk or meat. It is considered Pareve, or neutral, for kosher purposes. While it is neutral, in order for it to be kosher it would have to be processed according to kosher laws.   For instance, some sugar is processed using bone and therefore wouldn’t be compatible with milk products.  In that case, it would not be able to be certified kosher because of the way it was made.

What is So Great About Kosher Certification?

During the process of certification every single ingredient and every single manufacturing process from origin to final product is checked, inspected, and scrutinized. That means no hidden ingredients. That means no vague processes.  That means no cross contamination.   Kosher certification insures a very high quality product that exceeds FDA guidelines. 

How Does This Benefit Me?

In a market place where demand for food purity and standards are rising and food labeling is coming under scrutiny, it gives you the potential for a wider customer base. Even though kosher originated as Jewish law there are multiple dietary regiments that benefit from kosher products.  Vegans, vegetarians, those with lactose sensitivities, Seventh Day Adventists, and Muslims also benefit from this due to the fact that it follows many of their dietary guidelines regardless of their beliefs for doing so.

If you’ve built your reputation on the quality of your ingredients, kosher certification can back your claims.  Many customers will value the certification and recognize it as another step towards your commitment to quality.  In turn, this helps with consumer confidence.

You can end your day with the satisfaction that you are offering outstanding quality while potentially growing your customer base, filling a need or desire in the market place, and affecting your bottom line.  

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