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Get Ready to Decorate!

CakePlay’s pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs let you start creating right away. With their convenient microwave preparation, anyone can use them — from professionals to those using isomalt for the first time. For decorators, isomalt makes your designs special and unique! Create simple pieces by pouring into molds, pull beautiful roses or blow figures, all with the ease of microwave preparation. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your next cake or sugar sculpture comes together when you use these innovative pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs.

CakePlay’s Isomalt Nibs have Many Applications and Uses

Try molded pieces (silicone and lollipop molds work great!), plaques, flowers, jewels, beautiful toppers and showpieces. CakePlay’s pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs are ideal for any decorating project, from professionally decorated cakes for a special bride and groom to a few gems on a crown for a child’s birthday cake. You can also use melted isomalt as edible “glue” that dries invisibly in an instant. New to gem making? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Great for Everyday Use

CakePlay’s pre-cooked Isomalt Nibs are ideal for any decorating project. Here are some more ideas on how to use isomalt:

  • Repair broken gumpaste on-site.

  • Add fun decorations to holiday cupcakes.

  • Create intricate, eye-catching mosaic patterns using free-form broken pieces or a chablon.

  • Make a stunning topper with a few pulled flowers and leaves.

  • Speed up flower making. Just dip your wire into melted isomalt before inserting into gumpaste. It hardens in seconds!  

Check out our Videos page for more detailed instructions on attaching isomalt pieces to a cake. Would you like to learn how to make beautiful cakes and sugar sculptures like the ones you see here? Visit to learn more and to see when you can take a class in your area.

View Our Video of Air Brushing Isomalt:

Check out these quick, eye-catching techniques for making beautiful isomalt creations. (If you are viewing this with an Iphone, Ipad or other non-Flash player, you can see this video on YouTube by clicking here.)



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