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Watch Our Video Tutorials from CakePlay!

Want to learn advanced isomalt techniques, including making an isomalt cake plate and creating fun gems to decorate your special-occasion cakes? Watch CakePlay's new videos, available now on our Information page and on YouTube. Certified Master Sugar Artist Peggy Tucker demonstrates how to heat isomalt properly for clarity, then uses our isomalt to create sparkling gems and a beautiful isomalt cake plate. Click here to see more.

Ready to make your next creation truly amazing? CakePlay has the answer.

Our unique isomalt products are perfect for every cake and pastry artist, from beginner to expert. That means more fun and creativity for you! From sugar showpieces and pulled flower toppers to simple molded gems for a princess cake, our ready-to-melt Isomalt Nibs let you make sparkling creations in just a few minutes.

Ready, Set, Melt!

Our convenient Isomalt Nibs can be melted right in the microwave and are perfect for every cake artist, from beginner to expert. Create beautiful decorations for your next decorating project using poured, pulled or blown sugar techniques. There's no need for any special equipment - just melt in the microwave, or soften under a heat lamp and start decorating!



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